There is a huge growing wealth of information available on aquaponics. Most available information deals with large and huge aquaponics systems for large quantity results.

We are focused to help people with designing, creating and installing small systems meant for apartments, homes and classrooms. EVERYBODY should enjoy the chance to grow fresh vegetables in an ongoing environment. This is the basic idea in Aquaponics, to provide you with fresh foods all year!

We also are focused on the use of Marbled Crayfish in aquaponic systems of all sizes!  Check out our ANIMALS page for more info!

Here are some great existing sources of information about different types and styles of aquaponic systems, plants, animals and more.  Some of the actual links are quite long so they have been reduced by Tinyurl to fit here!

Aquaponics Texas specializes in smaller systems, meant for use in apartment or home gardening sizes.  We have written a DIY GUIDE for creating your own MINI-System just like in our photo gallery.  This is not a giant literary work or a thesis paper, it is simply a few pages of sharing my own specifics with you – things which worked well for me personally.
Meant for folks living under the annual Heat Cap of Texas, especially folks with a small yard or apartment porch.  This Do It Yourself Guide is yours for only $10 via Paypal! Use the Paypal BUY NOW button below to obtain our detailed information instantly – a PDF will appear the moment you complete the Paypal checkout!