HotHead Farms

Why hot peppers? We are very interested in having them for sale as part of the all natural, farmer-to-table movement in local foods. These peppers have a cult following among fans of hot peppers in the diet, but also have other uses in other products.

We have had up a full website dedicated to discussions, pics and videos, sales and trades of all peppers. Especially the Super hots!  We moved from the fulltime page to  social media to be more effective! If you would like to see that site again, please email us today!

The place where it has become most SUCCESSFUL – a Facebook GROUP. While FB is possibly the most antisocial of all social media, the pepper group is doing well there with pics, info, trades and more. So join us there! Pepper pics, pepper seeds, sales and trades at … and YOU are invited. Join us!

Our Social Media links are new too, join us!


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Curator Mark Robbins